Life With Ladies

I need an outlet.

I envy the bloggers who get to release their running commentary and feel the release of having “said” it.

More so, I want a place to chronicle our life. I want to have a pool of anecdotes, memories and dreams both shallow and deep. I want a tangible place to go and look back and say you did this. I want to bounce ideas off my future self, use my former self to build a better future wife, mother, daughter…this seems like as good a place as any to start.

And yet, what an odd jumping off point in my life. I didn’t start this blog when my first baby was tiny. I didn’t start it when my marriage was in the honeymoon stage. I didn’t even start it when I would consider myself “young”. No…all of those milestones have passed. And now I’m a better version of all those people combined.

So this is where my blog journey starts. Join me?


Talk to Meeeeeeeeee

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