Mandate (…a work in progress)

I went through a lot of back and forth about starting this blog. And I think it will end up being quite awhile before I’m interested in sharing it. I haven’t quite figured out what my boundaries are, what I’ll write about and what remains bouncing around my head. The intention right now is a journal, a running commentary, a personal soap box…while trying not to simultaneously shatter anyone’s delicate feelings.

I want to use words not as weapons, but as tools. Sorry…not for you. But for me.

I intend to swear. (Sorry, Mom!)

I’ll probably gush a little about my marriage, cause I’m pretty proud of it. And a lot about my girls. Cause? Obviously. (refer yourself to the blog address for clarification on what exactly you’re reading)

I may occasionally talk about sex. (Sorry, Dad! Ok…maybe the parentals should practice avoidance…)

I fully intend to spout nonsense from the fountain of useless knowledge inside my brain. Cause to me, I’m pretty smart. You may disagree, and that’s why I’m letting you comment. But play nice in the sandbox, kids. Cause I hold the power to delete your self-righteous drivel. And I’ll use it.

I want to let the rest of it kind of flow from my brain to my hands to the screen. If I’m passionate about it, I’ll talk about it. If it’s an experience I think is relevant, I’ll share. If it’s something I want to remember for life, I’ll document it. I hope you’ll banter along with me.


Talk to Meeeeeeeeee

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