I have an Affinity for things in silver

Totally geeked out.

That’s how I feel about my new love. THIS guy…

I love you, washer of mine

He was delivered yesterday and he’s lovely. Our old guy (old! I don’t count 3 years as old, but apparently 6 seperate flooding incidents in as many weeks is enough to declare you old too) is no match for my new friend. This thing steams! and spins at 60+ mph! and counts down the wash time! and has buttons!

with more wash cycles than I’ll ever be able to use!

His brother, the Affinity dryer will be coming next week. I wonder if he’ll get as much excitement out of me. See?


Whatever. It’s the little things, folks. And me? I’ve got THREE little things that change into plenty of different princess outfits every day to fill my new Affinity washer to the brim. It will never be lonely again, so long as it lives. Which better be a hell of a lot longer than 3 years.


Talk to Meeeeeeeeee

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