I’ve pinned it down…

Why hello there, it’s been awhile…self.

I’ve been hanging out a lot with the kids & well, the Twitter too. Know who else has been getting a lot of my attention? The Pinterest. Gosh, golly, gee that place sucks me right in. (PS. if you want an invite, I have 4 more to give away. Boom.)

The goodies on this site will make you swoon. Like this one:


Will make you giggle. Like this one:


But in most cases with me, it makes my mind wander in all kinds of directions. Making it nearly impossible to concentrate on work I’m y’know SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. For instance, I have redecorated the girls’ entire room…about three times. My bedroom decor has changed at least twice. Today. And my DIY list grows by 10 every afternoon. Did I mention I work full time, have three daughters, 2 pets & a husband who requests more together time?

Go AWAY Pinterest.

I’m just kidding. I heart you. Stay forever.



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