Tonight, I remembered what it was like to be a kid.

Tonight, I put down the broom, let the dishes soak in the sink and the laundry sit folded in the baskets.

Tonight? We played in the rain. First Bella…I dared her, quite certain she would say no and she called my bluff. Out the patio door she went, tearing across the deck and onto the patio where she stopped. Turned around…and shot the BIGGEST grin at me accompanied by the wildest eyes of a little girl in awe that she was side-by-side with raindrops.


Then Nika…who insisted on a rain jacket. Practical is her new gig. She’s a big girl now you know, going to school in September, peeing in potties and taking big trips. It wasn’t long before she discovered The Puddle. In went the boots and up came the muddy water, sloshing up onto her bruised knees and falling down into her Barbie rain boots.


As I stood there taking pictures, giggling with my youngest…I took a second look at the longing on her face. I remembered my beloved wellies in the front closet, and that my husband had left his red rain jacket hanging above. So I put down my camera, gathered up my girl snug up to me inside a shared Daddy-jacket and tore open the patio door so Mae could giggle and share a moment with her sisters.

Oh to be a big kid

And as if you need to guess who had the most fun splashing in the puddles, spinning in the raindrops, laughing out loud with her head tilted back to the clouds in thanks. It was Mommy. I felt so alive and connected with my kids that I’m sure I shone brighter than any sun trying to peek through a cloud.

puddle jumpers

These nights are what it’s about. They don’t come around often, but the trick is to recognize when one is staring you in the face. Begging you to partake.

smiley Midtown


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