A Top 5 Bday List: Internet Time Wasters

Oh hai again! Back for more? Dear god, that’s intimidating. (and if no one is here but me, embarassing too ::cue crickets::)

As promised, I’m listing out my favourites this week in honour of my birthday! (Holla, birthday girl on Friday!) I thought it only fitting of the first day my blog is public (honestly, I want to puke. Is that completely vain??) to post a list of my favourite places to waste time on the internet. I have no problem admitting that I waste a lot of time on Ye Olde Internets & that’s perfectly ok with me. My husband? He don’t so much like it. But then I find some funny shit & we giggle at others’ stupidity* and all is well in The Land of Ladies once again.

*disclaimer: For serious, there is so.much.stupidity out there…I shudder to think of how much I haven’t even seen. On that note, forward me your internet crap. 

Forthwith…Alicia’s Favourite Internetting Time Swallowers:

1) Twitter. This one should be fairly obvious. I have a solid following of 150+ people. Boom. (shut up) It really is the first place I go when I click open my browser. I love the conversations I have with people, I love the short time it takes to connect with someone like-minded, I especially love that I don’t have to read a thousand status updates about what you had for dinner. People are funny on Twitter. People are witty. People are self-deprecating and real. Save your passive-aggression for Facebook & join me on Twitter:) #boom

2) The Daily What. My first lunchbreak stop. That place is filled with little gems of awesomesauce. It’s where I first saw this:

And this:


3) Pinterest. This one is a new obsession, it’s basically a beautiful & intuitive way to store a bunch of internet bookmarks. I love it because it’s instant gratification- I can see the picture, filed in a category that makes sense to my twisted imagination & the link is right there. And? There’s some fun-ny shit on there…



4) Facebook. It really can’t be skipped. I’d love to say I’m over it. I’d love to say I’m too cool for it, but I’m so totally not. I’m practically the definition of a creeper, I’ll check out your status updates, your pictures & your funny or interesting links. But christ on a bike please QUIT IT with the game invitations! I don’t want to play Farmville or CityVille or Build-my-imaginary whatever. I’ve got a fricken squash bush in my backyard I can barely keep watered…lemme focus on that mmmkay? (you laugh, I’m apparently The Squash Princess. A few seeds + free soil + water= I-better-learn-right-fucking-quick-how-to-freeze-squash) But please, post your photos, throw some witty captions under there and I’ll “like” just about anything that makes me giggle.

5) Happy Place. From someecards, this site has the best of the internet’s best. They have the most epic lists you can imagine: Facebook misspellings, tweets of the day, hilarious screen shots…it’s all there. I can’t even. Let the sight speak for itself, then come back and thank me:)

And there you have it folks, some good ol’ fashioned time wasters courtesy of your friendly Life With Ladies author. Come on back tomorrow for another Top 5 Bday List!


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