A Top 5 Bday List: Favourite Blogs

In this crazy internet world, I stumbled upon a group of people I can connect with. People who make me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles, my humour and my interests. These are not friends of mine on Facebook, they’re not celebrities, they’re just normal everyday bloggers.

I’m already pissed off at limiting myself to a Top 5 in this category, but I can work around it/change the rules if I want to. Boom. You’ll see that my loves come from all over the place. I like the real-life perspective of these bloggers. That I can completely relate & be inspired all at once is very refreshing. I never feel like they’re out of touch (um…most of them follow me on Twitter. What? Total admiration overload. ::blushes::) and a lot of times they introduce me to things I never knew about & most often enjoy now. For so long, I sat in envy of the outlet they had on their lives. A way to put it out there & set it free, making people laugh & think & conspire along the way. In this new world of instant gratification, I love that inspiration is only a click away…

1) Harper’s Happenings. Mandy is one of the first mommy-bloggers I ever read. Chick has me in stitches on the regular & I love her style. She’s a SAHM of a completely adorable 2.5yr old, Harper. She blogs about life with a toddler, Mommy-style, her love of vintage (she even has an online shop, Opal. I’m both a fan and a customer.), and her life in general. She’s so funny I have *allegedly* been caught snorting while reading, and she’s 100% honest. She’s encouraging to other moms, she’s active in her comments & reading her posts is honestly one of the more refreshing parts of my day. Go, have a look. You won’t be disappointed.

2) The Bloggess. Kill me funny. I can’t even say it in words. You must read. Start here. And then here. And you’re hooked. You’re welcome.

3) The Pioneer Woman. I have been drooling over Ree for over a year now. Not only does she have the most scrumptious recipes (with some of the best food photography I’ve seen), she blogs about her ranch life, she takes amazing photographs & she does some sweet giveaways. Which I’ve never won, but considering there’s like 2500+ entries every time…no wonder. (she’s popular, yo).

4) Young House Love. My boss actually turned me on to this blog and I haven’t looked back since. In fact, I’ve subscribed to them in my blog reader, I’ve copied some of their fearless DIY and subsequently discovered my decor style & my own ability to save money, be original & feel pride in my home. I’m totally in awe of their ability to bring an idea to life with their own two/four/six hands (John + Sherry + Clara) and they make it so simple to take the basics of their wisdom and dream up your own project. I beg you, take a look at their Projects page, pick one and tackle it. Inspiration, like a ninja.

5) MODG. I want to thank Heir to Blair for turning me on to Amanda. She is a fireball of truth & hilarity. A new mom, who’s so goddamn cute you wouldn’t believe how hippy she is now that DramaBaby is ruling her days & nights.

Honourable Mentions: (also known as I-won’t-be-limited-by-my-own-rules, I own you,  blog. No really…I do.)

a) The 818

b) The Heir to Blair

c) Grumbles and Grunts


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