Top 5 Bday List: Wardrobe Staples

Whoa. Day 3 and I’m following through? A new found obsession looks good on me, it appears:) Today’s list is a nod to fashion, sorry boys. Have you read this post? I’m getting my groove back & want you ladies to follow suit. Guys, you can do it too! My husband, famous for his red & white wardrobe, Canada hockey tshirts, and hoodies, has recently stood at a rack in a store and uttered the words: “I need more colour in my wardrobe.” Boom.

But, seeing as he’s just started (and also how I couldn’t get him to guest post without the promise of many…ahem…favours) I’ll take the reins first & give you ladies a list of 5 things I consider staples in my wardrobe.

Without further adieu…5 wardrobe must haves:

1) Shoes. A collection thereof.

It's like I couldn't even tell how awful my shoe selection was til it was laid out in front of me. Take note.

I work outside the house, in an office that doesn’t require much more than business casual Mon- Thurs (casual Fridays for the WIN!) but since I like to spice things up a bit, I tend to go the extra mile on the outfits I choose. A fun pair of shoes can make my simplest black capri pants look a little more dressy. And a great pair of heels really make my squatty legs look amazing. I never believed it was true…guess what? Fooled again. Heels= sexy. Truth. Looking at my collection, I’ve realized I need some more colour. Look for a few different heel heights, something easy for the days your outfit rocks on it’s own, and I definitely think there is a serious place for flip flops in a few colours! (Not pictured: my rockin wellies I scored for 8 bucks at Value Village that are so flippin cute I wore them proudly to a NKOTBSB concert. Oh yes I did!)

2) Belts! They’re not just for holding up pants anymore!

Accessorize like Whoa

I admit it, this belt craze had me up in arms for awhile. Why the hail would I want to separate my top from my bottom in such a way as to draw attention to it? Freaks. Except…why did it look good on just about everyone I saw it on? What was I missing? The boat, apparently. A lovely, outfit-building, make-me-look-supa-skinny-yo boat. For shame. And don’t go giving me that bullshit excuse, “But it wouldn’t look good on me cause I’ve got some baby weight hanging around in my middle. I don’t want to accentuate that.” Throw a belt around your smallest point & watch your eyes get taken directly off your ponch/FUPA/leftovers/food baby.

3) Skirts & Dresses: time to shave those legs!

The small and mighty it.

Skirts are not hard to wear- like, at all! This, is news to me. Even with three young daughters, I look for a few skirts just long enough to bend over in without embarrassment (Oh yes, I’ve most certainly done the underwear check in the mirror of the thrift store. It’s a necessity.) and I can just as easily throw those on as a pair of ratted shorts. There are some instances where shorts just make more sense, by all means. But how much prettier do you feel in a kicky skirt or a cute sundress at a backyard birthday party? If you’re heading to the grocery store, take 10 more seconds, let the baby cry at the base of the stairs & replace your cut-off sweatpants with a knee-length jean skirt & you’ll be walking those aisles with a new pep in your step.

4) Accessories: THE way to make an outfit pop. I am not even kidding.

I have no idea who I stole this idea from, but feel free to steal it from me. It's cheap & totally doubles as art.

I get all my jewelry either passed down from generations before me, bought by my husband or found at the thrift stores. I have a nice collection of necklaces in different lengths (key!) and styles. Anything that appeals to me, I grab. It’s the thing in my repertoire I think the least about. If I think it’s cute, it’ll work with something.

A teeny, tiny growing collection

But, the opposite goes for the rest of my collection. I have trouble knowing the right time to wear a scarf (and for the love of George Clooney, how do you chicks manage to wrap it around your neck & not look like you’re ready for Snowmageddon in the middle of June??) and how to properly place a brooch. It’s a work in progress.

Sigh. Fix it.

5) Jeans (which make your butt look amazing…)

Far have my whole heart. And my ass. Meow.

This one is tough for me. I have no butt. No hips. Nothin. It’s pathetic really. So to find a pair of jeans that hug my curves when I have none has been a lesson in patience. But I’ve found a few. It’s a lot of trying on, scrunching my nose in disgust and zipper fiddling. But those suckers can be dressed up or dressed down or tossed on with a bikini top & boom: instant confidence. This brings me to the second thing your jeans should do…or NOT do, as it turns out. Just say no to love handles. Don’t hang on to your “favourite pair” if a muffin top starts peeking out of the top. It ain’t cute. And those ain’t workin for you any more. Trust me. You’re like one shutter click away from The People of Walmart emails.

And finally…one bonus NEED for a great wardrobe:

A sense of humility and humour


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