A Top 5 Bday List: Photographic Evidence

I fancy myself a photographer. I know, I know…EVERYONE thinks they’re a photographer. But occasionally people will pay me to take their pictures. Crazy, right? Yes, I agree. One of my best friends & I teamed up a few years back and started a small business (very small, and we like it that way thankyouverymuch) which gives us a creative outlet without taking too much time away from our family lives. Shameless self-promotional moment…check out our website http://www.asquaredphotos.com/

Aaaanywho…any good mom with a camera has thousands of megabytes of memory on her computer occupied by thousands of tiny memories in photographic form. Evidence of a life well lived. I am no exception. I think a series of good photos can bring a story back to life. While it’s true that nothing matches a true, honestly-lived-in memory, but when those start to fail you, a good picture can bring those feelings rushing back, transporting you directly into the joy of the moment. However briefly.

Here are a few of my favourites…

1) Bella & The Christmas Tree 2010:

Protecting The Chosen One

Finding & cutting our own Christmas tree is a Higgison family tradition. Christmas is hands-down my favourite holiday and I feel like there can never be too big a deal made of the events that lend themselves to the holiday spirit. So, naturally, I strapped a baby to my chest and raced around a tree lot, egging my daughters on to find the right tree, perfect for us. It was our first Christmas in our new home & I could not have been more eager to start the decorating. It must be said: I found the best one. I really did. She was round and perfectly filled out- she was lovely. And I was outvoted…handily. Bella picked this beaut and home with us it came (and, truth be told, almost off the top of the van it came on the ride home, but hush now…) Girl wins again. As it should be.

2) The Eyes, they have It…

Slightly hooded even, they have the ability to mesmerize

Probably my favourite picture of Mae to date, arguably my favourite shot ever. We were playing in the snow…well, 4 of us and a dog. This poor babe was bundled up beyond human comprehension and perched like a sitting duck along the playhouse. Hence, the expression. She is not a sidelines kind of girl, more like an Action Jackson. But I got her features perfectly. Her cupid’s bow lips. Her tiny button nose. Her impossibly pudgy and nearly-rosy cheeks, the little cleft below her lip where her chin starts…but those eyes. Those gorgeous blues. I made those. They are mine. Just like they’re my father’s, and my grandmother’s and her father’s before her…those will link her to me forever.

3) Sisters

Trading M&Ms

I never had a sister. I really can’t comprehend their relationship. I find myself jealous over the future they’ll have: picking out wedding dresses, boy gossip, phone calls between university dorms, sharing pregnancy and makeup stories…I envy that. So I work hard to cultivate the kind of relationship with each of them that hopes they’ll let me in to a tiny corner of that world. Maybe they’ll want to share those secrets with me too?

4) Personalities, Captured

The Goof, The Drama Queen, The Hulk

Oh god, this picture SLAYS me. Dead. First of all, how I got them each in my favourite dresses without a fight, I’ll never know. (all hail, good mommy karma) But hot damn my girls are lookin fooooiiiinnn. I got one or two cute smiley shots and then: BA-BAM! This gem. I loved it the moment I saw it, because it so accurately captures my Ladies you don’t even know. Nik, goofball & the very first to make you laugh. Bella, all drama and attention-seeking. And Mae, Hulktastic- she’s quick to emotion that one; good, bad or otherwise. This one is waiting for a huge canvas Groupon and it’s going on my wall in my main livingroom. You want a Life With Ladies: prepare thyselves.

5) Yeah…we’re Canadian alright.


I snapped this beauty at a fall trip up my in-laws’ cottage in northern Ontario. My husband, uber-patriot, loved it and it’s remained one of my favourites for precisely that reason. She’s kind of unassuming, this maple leaf. But she’s ours and we love her.


Do you have any photos that you just love? Ever catch a memory on camera and be able to recall the feelings years later? Tell me about it.


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