THE Top 5 Bday List: Favourite Things

And now it comes to an end (cue menacing music, shocked faces and tears…simultaneously, of course), my birthday week of Top Fives. Cause guess what? It’s my BIRTHDAY!! On this fine day, 29 years ago at some godawful time of the morning, I surprised the hail out of my mother by being a girl and thrilled my older brother since my parents convinced him that “the baby brought you Dinky Cars!”. Funny story actually, my mom had to ring a doorbell that morning to get into emergency, isn’t that awesome? Like, picture this miserably-pregnant-in-the-middle-of-July lady, hours into labour, ringing a doorbell and waiting for someone to let you in so you can have your baby? Egads. (My mom also likes the end of that story when she walked out of the hospital in her skinny jeans. Fuck off, lady. And thank you for sharing your genes with me, smooches.)

I never have cared much about age, but birthdays? Birthdays are BIG for me. They should be properly celebrated, lavishing so much attention and love on the birthdayer (<-wha?) because goshdarnit they deserve it. Since I also like to throw parties, I decided this year I would throw my own birthday party too! Genius*! Only, since the last thing I want is stuff and the thing I most want is great company and hearty laughter filling my backyard, I decided to have a 5 Favourite Things party. I borrowed it from Pinterest, basically each guest has been asked to bring 5 of their favourite thing which has to cost less than $6 total. Then each guest picks 5 names out of a hat/bowl, explains what their fave thing is & hands it out to those 5 people. Boom: instant conversation starters, instant laughter, and all my guests go home with goodies of their own. I am pleased. Thank you, gods of Pinterest. All hail.

I may or may not be choosing one of these things as my Fave Five…

Hello, lovely

1) Antique Furniture. Of any and all kinds. I cannot get enough of this stuff. And to boot, the shit calls OUT to me. I shit you not, on two separate occasions within a month, I scored two 3-drawer dressers from the 20s FOR FREE on the side of the road. To be fair, one is supposed to be for my mom. It’s living in my kitchen right now. (Sorry Janet.) Antique furniture is so unique, it has character, and carries a story with it. It’s often better crafted than modern-day pieces, and it’s certainly had more thought put into it. I would (and plan to) fill my home with pieces from any and all eras and be so thrilled I could cry. My husband does not agree. He will live.


2) My Nikon D40. Yes, I’m well aware there are more sophisticated DSLRs available, and I wouldn’t be opposed to a new camera <cough, cough> but for the time being this guy suits me just fine. It’s shutter moves as fast as my kids do, it’s not too heavy or bulky to carry with me almost everywhere, it takes fantastic pictures and it’s incredibly user friendly. I am sure that I will one day love another, but right now, I just I love him. And I love him hard.


3) Spray Paint. OMG, I am a junkie. A complete spray paint junkie with no desire to be cured of my plight. I’m certain that Ryan is sick to death of hearing the phrase, “…and then I’ll paint it!” enthusiastically ending most sentences. I can’t help it, it makes me feel so creative: I can take your crap and make it look customized and all.fricking.mine with a few taps of my finger? Bring it. Hey, stupid gold lamp abandoned at the thrift store…I will take you home, cover you with white satin Rustoleum and you will be my Squishy. Don’t be afraid. Seriously…I’m talking to YOU now…hold that can a foot away from your ‘canvas’ and spray in short, even strokes. A few coats and wham-o, artist. Like whoa.

4) Beer. I heart you, beer. For shiz. Don’t even bother to pour that shit in a glass, I’m nobody’s priss. It takes way longer to mix a fancy/pretty/girly drink than to pop that top. (that’s what she said.) And, as if I can possibly remember to pack one.more.thing when we’re heading out to an event, my husband and I drink beer very well together:) Thank you for existing. You make the summer heat completely beerable. (<- see what I did there? heh.)

You complete me

5) iPhone. This one’s a new obsession, but I wear it well. As in, I’m one of those cliche people who swears I-never-lived-properly-until-I-owned-you-beautiful-organized-electronic-gadget-of-wonder…this thing practically does my damn hair in the morning. It was a Father’s Day gift. You read that right. Happy Father’s Day to me. And to my husband who got one too and forthwith has the ability to text me such gems as “I’m booooooored.” and “Can you bring home milk?” and “You look pretty in that dress”…worth it’s weight in gold. I keep my grocery list on there (it checks the boxes & organizes things by sections. I am not worthy.), I play Words With Friends (my name is mrshiggison, come play with meeeee!), I can check Twitter from Buttfuck, NoPlace & Instagram the hell out of my Life With Ladies. It’s the bomb dot com and I love it.

There you have it folks, the abbreviated list of my faves.

But basically, without these I’d still be happy. Cause I have a better list of Top 5 Faves: Isabella, Annika, Maëlle, Ryan & the pets. I consider them a life well lived, all on their own. I love them and they love me back and for that I am an eternally proud and happy birthday girl, all the days of my life.

*in the interest of full disclosure, I totally spelled genius wrong on the first pass through. The irony, it drips. ::head desk::


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