My girls are home.

My daughters are home.

This? Is the happiest I have felt in weeks…it’s one of those things you don’t notice is bugging you until it’s fixed. I think I convinced myself we were so relaxed these past three weeks that I didn’t notice we probably spent the entire time anticipating their return. Because when I was woken at 4am to a knock on the door, my heart almost literally skipped a beat. Serious. I got those crazy butterfly feelings in my stomach and I completely disregarded the woozy feeling in my head when I darted straight from the bed to the top of the stairs.

And my girls? The looks of excitement on their faces quite nearly melted me on the spot. I bounded down the stairs just gazing at them, trying to re-memorize these changed faces in front of me, knowing all the while they were mine. I had this pain in my chest knowing that I all at once recognized them and knew they had changed. They each wrapped arms around me from either side, hopping over backpacks and stepping on pillows with complete disregard to get to Mommy quicker. Heaven. Their tiny arms, the sweet smell of their hair having just woken up from a long sleep in the car, feeling their chests breathe in and out…all these things I missed. I was like an addict, and I never wanted to let them go.

But I had to, they had so much to say! So much to tell me! So much they wanted me to know! We babbled about swimming in life jackets, tanning (yes, tanning. duh.), animals and sleeping in the van…all in about a 10 second span. Two excitedly high-pitched voices in unison making the dog run around in crazy abandon.

I was surprised they agreed to fall asleep between Mom & Dad so easily again at 4:30, but they did. And it was heavenly. I was so happy I couldn’t stop from holding and smelling and clutching and thinking…so.much.thinking that I had to escape downstairs to get any sleep at all. And just to add to the sweetness, at 7am I heard Bella’s sweet voice say to me, “Mommy? It’s time to wake up.” Whatever you say, sweet thing. Whatever you say.

And Maëlle? I’ll let this picture say the thousand words she has apparently had to say to them all morning…

Seestur is home.


And I just now got back from the sweetest lunch date ever proposed. When you get a phone call & you hear your oldest on the other end of the line say, “Momma, would you like to join me for lunch at McDonalds?” Well…you go to McDonalds. And go I did, with all three girls…and all was right with the world again. Amen.


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