Ain’t no party like a Fave Things party…

Saturday was my 29th birthday party, and it was kind of fantastic. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but when your guests cab it home at 2am, I consider that a successful event. The group of people we gathered together were great, I couldn’t have asked for a better set of partiers. The conversation flowed easy, the drinks flowed even easier and the laughs and knee slapping filled my home and backyard to near-bursting. Mimosas at midnight with the ladies while the boys brought back their glory days in the pool, I was so spoiled and so full from life that I hit the pillow like a rock and slept like a baby. (could’ve also been the very-easy-going white wine mimosas, yum)


The Five Favourite Things party was a huge success, I completely recommend it! My friends went over and above, wrapping their gifts and thinking outside the box. It sparked conversation, laughs, and anticipation and THAT, my friends, makes a party. We discussed a few different twists on the whole thing and I’m hoping this has sparked a theme amongst us and gives us a great excuse to get together more often: Booze-theme NYE Fave party anyone? Ange, you know it! A few crowd favourites were Almond M&Ms, mini bottles of Canadian Club whisky (most of these winners also got another favourite: Coke. You can imagine the excitement), boxes of cereal, foot-long subs (<-which sparked a bidding war!), travel mugs with VIA coffee packs, and spray paint. The spray paint was mine. Obviously. My sweet friend, Heather, mis-read the directions and actually came up with a new version of The Five Fives; she brought five separate things she loves. And if you know my Heather? You would know that her five things can spark interest like whoa. Whoa.

I can’t even tell you how fun it was. Like, the fucking words escape me, for serious. You had to be there, which makes this blog post kind of irrelevant, but then again you’re still reading. So…you’re welcome?

I was totally shocked that friends brought me separate gifts as well. I got a few bottles of wine (sigh, happiness in a bottle, thanks frands), I got a mini list of some of MY favourites (Coors Light, double stuff Oreos, M&Ms, wine, and a reusable shopping bag. Boom. Thx Marc!) Angela made me chocolate chip cookies WITH Double Stuff Fudgee-Os inside. Inside. I can’t even. They were as amazing as they sound, probably better. This same friend brought, as her fave, a bag of healthy-living items: water, protein bars, PGX and a link to her blog about her battle to lose herself ( go there. You’ll love her. As do I.) And the gift that made me cry? My sweet Heather I mentioned earlier? She’s a gemmologist and she bought me my very own Pandora bracelet and the sweetest charm to start what is sure to be an obsession. Check it out:

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.

My friends, 29 is my year.

I say this almost every year…I will own this age. And it’s true every time. Just like New Years, I make a promise to myself and aim to keep it. My promise is a secret, known only to me. If I can’t hold myself accountable, why should I trust anyone else? And, truly…I kinda feel like some people would try to sabotage my best intentions. That’s sad, and ugly, and true. So I safeguard, and pat myself on the back when I stay the course.

In all honesty, I’m in a great place right now. I’ve built the family I’ve dreamt of since childhood, we bought a house that we’re proud of, my career is on the upswing, my marriage is something to brag about, my support network is firmly in place…I’m set up for success. Let’s see if I can follow through. Will you help?

Do you do something similar? Big dreams for big events? Do you keep them a secret like me, or do you ask for help? Share your wisdom, Wizards of the Internets!


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