Random Thought: Version 1.0

*I figured I’d number these, cause I’ll be honest…there are a great number of Random Thoughts running through my head at any given moment. For your benefit. I think only of you. 

My friend pocket-dialed me today. Better than that, she purse-dialed me. This isn’t a friend I talk to often (sad panda, cause I love her) so seeing her number on my missed calls was kind of exciting. What I heard in my voicemail was somewhat of a let down. (Sorry Sarah! winky face!) I heard some rustling, a lot of background voices, some random conversation…and it got me thinking:

I would be the most obvious choice for a distress call.

If you organize numbers in your cell phone by first name? Alicia is first. 99% of the time.

If you’re lying in a ditch with your car half underwater and you can only reach your cell phone with one hand, you’ll dial the first number you can get to. Alicia.

If you’re being robbed, you wouldn’t want your assailant seeing you searching your phone for a number, you’d just pick the first one. Alicia.

If someone finds you lost somewhere in the desert, wandering aimlessly, dehydrated and suffering from amnesia, they will naturally grab your phone and dial the first number in your address book. Alicia.

I simultaneously thank you and apologize in advance. I’m not great with pressure, justsoyouknow. But I’ll do my best.

…now maybe go organize me by my last name. Halfway through your Hs is a much more appropriate place for me, don’t you think?


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