Unlike Britney, I might be Overprotective

I do have this genuine fear that I have become THAT parent. You know…the one who’s just left of protective. I don’t necessarily think I’m overprotective…but the barrier ain’t all that far away I don’t think.

I live in a good neighbourhood, kids everywhere. Grown ups? Notsomuch.

It is commonly accepted format to travel as.slow.as.humanly.possible around the first bend in my street, so as not to pick off the 5 street hockey players that see your need to get home as an extreme inconvenience, ma’am. It’s annoying. But these kids are *maybe* 10 years old, and there isn’t an adult in sight to ever tell them, “Hey Gretzky? That van has the right of way ON A ROAD.” Our street is not really an access point to anywhere, so cars aren’t up and down it all day long, mostly necessary traffic. I just think that should be all the more reason to teach your kids to be aware of the traffic laws.

I don’t let my girls play outside in the front yard without me being out there with them. They have never crossed the street to play. Everyone gathers in our front yard, which suits me just fine. I have refused to parent the others in the playgroup, sending them home if they start a fight or swear. (One little shit fricken swore at my dog. First instinct was to flick him in the ear…instead I shot the monster-mom-look, bellowed to get off my lawn and pointed like some kind of grim reaper in the general direction of someone else’s house. He hasn’t been back. Wonder why…?) Most of the kids that come over are very close my daughters’ ages, and I have never laid eyes on their parents. They spend close to an hour in my front yard and no one comes to check on them. I never see anyone looking out windows, stepping onto porches or hear any names being called. These kids are allowed to roam a neighbourhood for hours while their parents are none the wiser to what they’re up to.

Does this strike anyone else to be as odd as I see it? Am I being neurotic? Will my kids be sheltered home-bodies who’s friends make fun of them that their mom is a nut job? (I mean, that’s a given, but for this issue in particular. Easy.)

And, most importantly…when do I cut the cord & let them play outside alone? This terrifies me, I’m not gonna lie. And I might disregard your advice, also not gonna lie. Am I overprotective?


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