Steppin Out Saturday…last Saturday

Ok, so I cheated. This Saturday, I sat around and did sweet f* all and it was glorious. Did you see my post about being overwhelmed? I’m aiming to change that…slowly and positively. Save for some mayjah drama this week with Bella (more on that later, cause man do I need to blog that outta my system. Oof.) I’ve been working on getting back to basics.

However, in honour of my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, on this particular Saturday, a bunch of us ladies got together for dinner and a celebration of her bachelorettehood beingjuuuuust about over. I got all dolled up and forgot all about how fracking hot it was outside…almost;)

Skirt, Belt & Cardigan: thrifted ($13 total)

Tank: Urban Behaviour, two seasons ago

Shoes: Tender Tootsies (circa 1st year university…yikes!)

Bracelet: Pandora, gift from my sweet friend Heather

Pasty White Skin: alllllll mine, suckas.

When I came downstairs, Ryan said to me, “You look like you belong in the 50’s.” And never was I more in love with that man:)

Blue necklace: thrifted ($1)

White necklace: birthday gift from my parents!

Earrings: gift from Ryan

Headband: Uff Da Designs

It was super fun to dress up…but it didn’t last long since later that night I was in shorts & a tshirt picking my daughters up from Daddy’s double-header baseball game. (He won. Obvs.)

Linking up with Mandy at Harper’s Happenings in her Steppin Out Saturday party- first timer here!


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