A Week In Pictures

I suffered from a semi-largeish dose of reality this week, and while it sucked for my heartparts, it was that kind of hip check one needs every now and again. So thank you, not for being such a self-centered douche canoe, but for teaching me a lesson. And allowing me to get the hell over myself and move on. Smooches (…and a solid kick in the taco. Because I can. It’s my blog, yo.)

And once I was done wallowing in my self-pity…I took some pictures of what the better parts of my life look like. Wanna see? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

Too bad (lulz):

Baby Rocky Balboa

This…my baby’s face. And this wasn’t the worst of it either. Combination of allergic reaction to a mosquito/spider bite on her forehead, being hit in the head by a door (side-eye Annika…) and a cold in her eye (what the what?) left her looking like she’d be on the worst end of a bar fight. It got worse than this. And I might have cried a little. Sissy.

Aaaaaaanyway…it got better. For reals.

…Sunday morning breakfast is my favourite, one of the only days we’re all home together…little Lady pool parties are loud and hilarious…happy carb lover is happy…

…what I get for locking Mae out of the bathroom, payback…my pretty boy, good golly I love this dog…I made these veggies. yep, grew them from seeds. ‘cept for the berries. I stole those fair & square through the fence…

…picking out paint for the floor. for the FLOOR…thinking leads to drinking…sometimes I get domestic and bake shit…lunchtime is for napping, or selfie-picture-taking. whatevs…the coolest free thing I’ve done with my kids in the city: outdoor movie theatre. totally rocked, I’m telling you…swings are way more awesome when they’re at Nanna’s house…

So, there’s my week in a nutshell…or a jpeg. Whatever. It had that feeling of being simultaneously rushed and relaxed, know what I mean? Tonight, I will be two-stepping with my BFF at a downtown country bar alongside what is certain to be 20yr olds with painted on jeans and no underoos. I will rock a cowboy hat and jean skirt without a care in the world! On that note, I’ve got some legparts that need shavin.

Happy Saturday!


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