There are boys at my door

Twice Monday there were boys at my door.

Looking for my daughters.

Sure…they’re friends now

…but what if these boys bring friends of their own over? And what if those boys mistake my daughters’ outgoing nature for flirtation? (You shut your mouth about my daughters being flirts. I’ll not hear such a thing.) And what if <gasp!> my daughters do the same to these boys?

Image blurred to protect the innocent

::sigh:: Looks like the building of the Higgison Girl Bubble as Protection of Innocence has to begin a little earlier than we planned.

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Not at all.


2 thoughts on “There are boys at my door

  1. Since my 17yo is now in love and dreaming of marrying her 20yo best-friend-since-she-was-9, you should consider yourself a prophet who has come to warn yourself of things to come. Um, or just a mom who sees the writing on the wall. Either way….

    Here’s what I wrote about letting go of said 17yo, if you are interested.

  2. @Tasha: Hahaha…and then tears:) It’s our biggest fear with girls really…like when do the boy-crazies turn into something we should be addressing rather than passing off as a giggle? I never want to stifle them, but I don’t want their innocence lost too soon either. Such a tough battle.
    I liked what you said your post about the hypothetical future, that’s almost EXACTLY my point. Will it hit me like a brick wall once it gets here?? Weird.

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