Our Week so far. It kind of blows ass.

This past week has been a total bitch. No exaggeration. If it was a walking, breathing girl, I’d kick it in the taco, pull it’s hair and then push it down the stairs. (angry, stabby, rage, rage, rage)

However…there have been a few shining moments. On Tuesday we got to see Bella & Nika’s brand-spankin-new school. It’s huge and fun and shiny and everyone’s very excited. It’s fun to be part of something so groundbreaking. The teachers are inspired and the vibe we got from being there was pretty incredible.

And our new nanny started on Tuesday. It’s more exciting for Ryan & I, since it means less juggling and running for us, more stability for the Ladies (and the Dex) and gets us to a happy medium on where we always saw this two-full-time-workers life we’re in.

Rewind the time 24 hours? Shitstorm. Our sweet Annika has her second kidney infection. The only plus side is we picked up on this one in 24 hours because we knew what to look for (which I wish I didn’t HAVE to know, but I’m glad I did. You know?) And the ultra-super-exciting-fun part is that we were *just* at the tail end of Maëlle having her SECOND bladder infection in 4 months. Cue Meltdown Mommy who is surely responsible for growing babies with broken renal systems. (yes, I truly believe this. No, it won’t help to say it’s not true. Two out of three girls have urinary tract problems, which can only mean that something went screwy in their development. Who developed them? Mama. Who then carries the prescription of shame and burden? Mama.) We’re very thankful, yet again, for our pediatrician & her staff who recognized the urgency in my voice on the phone, squeezed us in to a packed day of appointments and took the time to explain everything we would need to do. Oh, and for not sending us back to the hospital. Again. Cause we’re already going there again on Friday for Maëlle’s third catheter of her lifetime. Fuck.

(…and when I say ‘we’ I mean Ryan. Poor Daddy took the day off work so he could be around the girls and he now gets to spend another afternoon restraining his baby girl so doctors and nurses can poke & prod her to see if she has renal reflux. Fuck. The man is a warrior and a saint and we would surely perish if it weren’t for him, amen.)

(yes, I just stacked ‘fuck’ and ‘amen’ on top of each other. The talent…it runs through my veins.)

Aaaaanyway…I am feeling crabby and depressive and altogether yucky these days. You can imagine why. Tomorrow I am prepared with light and fun in the form of Our Week in Pictures, so stay tuned! (I know, I know…pins.and.needles.) Today, I leave you with this gem…you’re welcome:



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