A Week in Pictures: ver.2

As promised! Our week in pictures!

Refer to yesterday to see the clusterfuck that was this week. And yet, we managed to make the best of it! I start my weeks on Saturday (cause it’s rockin awesome) so that is where my photo dump starts. My blog, my rules:) Last week was Ryan’s birthday and on the weekend we went to our friends’ place for a get together…we basically gathered to get mildly drunk and tell stories. And, such great friends we have, they bought Ryan a cake…

Happy Birthday Princess. He was pleased. You can tell by the look on his face. Or else he's trying to figure out his phone. Or else he's old. (or else all of the above.)

There was much fun to be had. Behold:

…the epic cake, fit for a princ(ess)……….Ummm, Lauren? Methinks you’re gonna need a bigger shirt bwahahahaha………..why yes, my shirt DOES say “let’s do something shady” because? let’s…….

…instead of washing the floors, I decided to paint a chair. I wanted to tick Ryan off but instead he loved it. Win?……..then this one time, I thanked Steve Jobs for inventing the iPhone so we could keep our various children entertained in the MILLIONS of waiting rooms we’ve been in lately………..the littles and I took a short walk & it was lovely……

…we were all a little lazy on Sunday……….shoes: a large part of the reason I love being a girl mom…………my Midtown girl was feeling well enough for a photo with Momma, and then she slept for 12 hours, the end……..

…looks like someone stole my phone………..sleepy birdie baby sucking thumb………stargazing while waiting for Daddy………….

So if it looks like we had a very eventful week, it’s cause we did. Good and bad makes the world go round, and boy is our world spinning like a top right now! Thanks for stopping by, now tell me…what did YOU do this week?? (no seriously. tell me what you did. my comments section is ronery…)


One thought on “A Week in Pictures: ver.2

  1. What did I do??? I went up North! I was all fun, relaxing and annoying at the same time. It is so nice to escape the city but by the end it is SO nice to be home.
    Picture this…a 34 week pregger sleeping in a tent for week…other than the one night that I slept on a box spring!…Ouch! My body did not thank me the next day.
    Spending 4 hours at a time out berry picking. All relaxing, productive, painful, funny and eventful. Somewhere in those fields of beauty my baby girl had a reaction to something and spent the week covered in spots…not fun.
    Although it was blissful to not have to change diapers for a week the over parenting by all other adults at hand can be quite nerve wrenching.
    Sometimes I wanted to laugh others scream! :)

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