On Being a Used Girl for a Year

…I chose to be a used girl for a year.

Today marks the one year anniversary of me buying exclusively second-hand clothing for myself & my family. Aside from bathing suits & undergarments (I mean really, WHICH ONE OF YOU IS BUYING USED UNDERWEAR? Out of my club. Immediately. Grosstastic.) and the dress to my brother’s wedding, I have bought all of our clothes at thrift stores or scored some sweet hand-me-downs from nieces, friends & utter strangers.

In August of last year, I read a story about a Canadian family trying the buy-nothing-new challenge (read the article here) and though I was completely intrigued, I knew I’d have to start small. I had recently gotten a new job and my super-supportive mom took me out to buy a new wardrobe. Always looking for a way to stretch my dollar, off to Value Village we went. And *bing* went the lightbulb…and I started my challenge.

Now…I know what you’re thinking…cause I was thinking it too. It’s going to take so long to look through all that crap to find that one great pair of pants. I’m not going to lie, that’s definitely true. But trust me when I say it’s completely worth it. I’m sure you’re well aware of how far your dollar can stretch at thrift stores, so I won’t bore with those details (suffice it to say: $100= 4 pants, 6 shirts, 2 cardigans & a pair of shoes. Boom.) But what I will tell you is if you have even a hint of creativity…the thrift store is liquid gold for you. It has shifted the way I think about clothes. Instead of passing over a dress that looks a little wonky on the hanger- I grab a belt & head for the change room.

Magical. (…or something.)

I’m not a Duggar-lover (eww…) but they’ve got a point when it comes to buying used. If you give yourself the time to sift through the crap- oh the crap!– you can fill the drawers and closets of your house for half the price of your neighbours. And let’s face it. We all want to be better than the neighbours. No? Just me? Awkward….

The year has flown by, and now I really don’t see the point of buying brand new. Maybe I’ll give myself a little more freedom now, but maybe I won’t. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the experience and it’s effect on my psyche. I feel better, my budget isn’t crying (well, it is, but that’s a whole other post), we’re well-dressed and I’m helping a charity. And now it’s given me motivation to try something else, add to my very own buy-nothing-new challenge. If I can do THIS for a year, what else could I do?

What could YOU do? Do you think you could buy used clothes for a year? Maybe you would shorten the time frame? Only buy local produce for a year? TELL MEEEEEE!


One thought on “On Being a Used Girl for a Year

  1. That’s great! It’s amazing what u can buy 2nd hand. I buy my own clothes from Value Village and all my sweaters are Gap or RW&Co ect. LOTS of Gymboree for the kids. Do you know about Gumballs and Overalls in Amherstburg? Great consignment store, not going to charity, but excellent quality and you don’t have to sort through the stained and worn out clothes ( not that VV has a lot, but…,)

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