Remember that time..??

Remember that time we ran out of gas on 1-75?

Chris does!

Running! With gas!

And remember that time I was trying to drink Sleeman’s Clear all nonchalantly while we sat on the off ramp at 14 Mile?

Ryan does!

Beer me!

Remember that time I took four separate pictures with my phone before my drunk pupils could focus on the fact that we were barely centered in the frame?

Jenifer does!

Couples Night!

Remember that time we went to see Jason Aldean in concert at DTE and he played every song I knew like I set up the play list myself? And remember when Kid-fucking-Rock came on stage during the encore and rocked the house down so.damn.hard that I’m considering paying outrageous prices to go see him in concert now?


...yes I know these shots never turn out. To you. To me, this looks exactly like one of my favourite nights of 2011, hands down.

It was a great Friday night. Seriously, one of my favourites in awhile. I would never have wanted to experience these shenanigans with anyone but my three cohorts:)


5 thoughts on “Remember that time..??

  1. Remember that time when you said you wanted to go see Kid Rock? Well remember it next summer when I am after your ass to go. I LOVE him and have always wanted to see him (he barged in on Sugar Ray when I was there, back-in-the-day). And sometimes? He has party packs. Yes, I said party. There will be no C OOL bus though…because it’s

  2. I REMEMBER it all!! As surprising as that sounds cause although you were “non-chalantly” drinking beer at the side of 14 mile exit, I had been “chalantly” drinking a fair share of my own in the back seat minutes before…as evidenced by the pullover at the side of the road on the way back…I needed to check out the grass…it looks different on I-75 than anywhere else in the country…at least it does now…

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