A Week in Pictures: ver.3

Whew…who knew we were so busy this week?

I’ve been (ever.so.fucking.slowly) coming out of my funk lately and I think it shows. A little. We’ve had some issues with Annika and school…as in…well, I’ll just say it. We BOTH cried at her school on Tuesday. Yes. I know how ridiculous that sounds. Which doesn’t even compare to how ridiculous I’m sure I looked. Crouched down in a skirt and boots sobbing in front of a Junior Kindergarten teacher and my equally sobbing 3year old? Alllll kinds of attractive. And I’m sure my claims of “I don’t know why she does this?!” went over extremely well. ::side eye to crazy Mom::

In any case, I’m chalking it all up to recovery mode. We’re deep in it…and everyone knows it has to look uglier before it gets prettier. AmIright? (I’m totally right. Just play along, mmmkay?) So, without further adieu (because, if you haven’t noticed…these sweet recaps usually come on Fridays. And lord knows I have a million useful excuses as to why I didn’t get this up on Friday. But alas, you could give a shit and I don’t feel like explaining myself. You’re welcome for my charitable mood. Brought to you by: not nearly enough alcohol)…our week in pictures:

Momma took a car nap. That means what you think it means: I took my sweet ass out to my van at lunch, set my iPhone alarm and got some shut-eye in the parking lot. Be jealous………..cut to 11pm and me eating my feelings via a Papa Burger. Klassy………….umm, maybe we SIT at dinner time kid?

Pancake breakfast at work: oh yes we did………..Husbands! Sewing!…………..I think I’ve developed a magazine problem. I blame Heather.

Look at meeeeeeeeeeee, so daring with the nail polish………………I.was.running……………is it just me or do I appear to have a lazy eye in this picture?

Dexter, 80lbs of dog, wrapped up in a ball on the couch. Why he does this I’ll never know……….All the pumpkin are belong to us………….pretty oldest Lady.

And this? I would prefer to start every morning like this. Alas, I am usually so incredibly grumpy and lazy in the morning that I would need 3 cups of coffee to achieve this loving glow at being snuzzled…but this sweet moment happened because my husband had an extremely rare Saturday off work with no plans. ‘Twas, in a word, amazeballs.

What did YOU do last week? Tell me, tell me, tellllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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