My friends, how is it ALREADY Thanksgiving? Le sigh……how does time just stand still in some cases & fly by in others? <shakes fist in time’s general direction>

October is the busiest of all the months in our family. Seven (and working on eight) birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, hockey season starting, baseball season ending…there’s a lot going on. It never fails that when I get a long weekend off from work, we jam-pack it with ALL THE THINGS and I end up coming in with bags under my eyes the following Tuesday morning. This weekend? Much of the same. Two turkey dinners, add into that my cousin is getting married on her family’s orchard, and you’ve got what’s shaping up to be three days of get-ready-go-to-function-clean-up-from-function-lather-rinse-repeat.

I’m hosting my in-laws this year (or maybe. One SIL/BIL has to work, the other is minutes away from giving birth to her fifth child. I think I’ll be thankful for my lack of expanding cervix this year…yikes) for Sunday dinner. I love this, because it not only means leftover turkey for lunches (because…nom turkey nom) but it means I get to use my Great Grandmother’s china & silverware. This thrills me to no end, I tell you.

I was going to write a list here, of all the things I’m thankful for. But it’s hard. There are the most obvious (Ryan, the Ladies, my job, my support system) and those are things that I can count on 100% of the time. What has failed me lately is my own head. I will be taking this holiday very seriously this year. I will force myself to stop, look around & take in the beautiful, the lovely, the uplifting, the fulfilling. It is all around me, this I know. Oh yes…this I know.


Talk to Meeeeeeeeee

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