Thanks for Giving

Fall is for pumpkins. Is just a fact. The twitters are alive with “pumpkin spice latte IN MY FACEPARTS NOAW” and I just made three pumpkin loaves last week. I also made squash for the first time at my Thanksgiving dinner, which is kind of the same thing…except not. But it’s still a big deal to me cause it was super good and came from my garden which made it even that much MORE super

There are few traditions I love more than apple and pumpkin picking, it’s true. This year, my girls (and myself) were all a little sniffly and Maëlle’s skin has decided to swell up into angry red mounds of disaster every.damn.time a mosquito comes within a 5 foot radius of her. So, in light of that, we took the easy road, used a Groupon and picked the very best pumpkins out on display at a local farmer’s stand. Make that two local farmer’s stands….cause Annika declared the first selections were much too big to properly represent her on our porch. Homegirl was right, those pumpkins were huge, yo.

At Meleg's Orchard

The rule is that each family member picks out a pumpkin that most closely represents themselves. Maë, predictably, wanted one one of each.

all your pumpkins are belong to me

Excited babies are excited

With a trunk full of pumpkins, squash, apple cider, local honey and other goodies, it was back to Nanna & Grampa’s for our third family get together in as many days. My parents live on a 7 acre farm, you can imagine the kind of shenanigans our Ladies get into when allowed full run of the property…which they always are. Because grandchildren can do no wrong. Annika made a new friend, whom she affectionately named “Katie” and allowed Nanna oh-so-kindly to meet…

Behold...Katie. You're welcome Nanna.

And then we ate a scrumptious dinner that I forgot to take pictures of, but it’s no matter because Bella drew it for you:

drink + turkey/squash/stuffing/bun + orange slice/pumpkin loaf/brownie

I was very thankful. Very.

This past Saturday, my cousin got married in such a gorgeous, quaint ceremony completely out of the ordinary in her parents’ orchard and it was just as lovely as it sounds. Maybe even more so. My oldest girl breathed her whole life into that party like it was her job, leading a bunch of 20-somethings around the dance floor, coercing random strangers to dress up in antlers & pink feather boas to get a picture with her at a photobooth, and when I told her at the end of the night (11:30pm!) to say goodbye to everyone: that’s exactly what she did. Said goodbye to EVERY.SINGLE.GUEST. Even the caterers. Twas completely adorable.

It was so nice to gather this past weekend in small groups, relive the reasons I’m on this planet, replenish my partially wounded spirit and pledge to start anew. Wrapped up in the warmth of sunshiny days…I gave many, many thanks.



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