A Week in Pictures: ver.4


That, my sweet friends, is the sound of this freaking week, blowing me by. Picture me, hand on my brow, forehead wrinkled, hip stuck back, eyes squinting, saying: “What the fuck just happened?” No literally, that’s what I look like. K, not literally but IN MY HEAD. I belong to the club of far.too.many.people who have walked around all week saying stupid shit like, “I need a long weekend to recover from my long weekend!” or “Oh you know, we like to pack it in.” (<- that’s what she said.) I’m sorry if I ran into you and that’s what came out of my mouth, what a lame excuse for a weekly rundown.

THIS is much better!

I now present….OUR WEEK: now in long-form, for your viewing pleasure. (<- that’s what…oh never mind…)

Thank you Pinterest, my squash looked/tasted delicious……..there was a wedding, so I got dressed up……and Mae got dressed down and danced……

murdered Cakesters…………lounging dogs………..drinking Mommas hiding in fields……..

I get snarky when I have to go back to work after lunch……….sometimes I get lucky at the thrift shop ($9.48!)…………..and I get A LOT of raspberries from Mae……….

there was park-playing on sunny days…………..I picked up the Carnation Variety Pack and have been loving myself every since………..editing pictures of the newest guy in my life, my brand-spankin new nephew: Bentley Reid Horne (born Oct 13th)………….

We got Midtown on the bus and to school today with NO TEARS. I can’t tell you the relief this news has brought to my life. We’re tackling a bully situation with a very helpful and concerned VP and teacher, and I do believe we may be coming out the other side of this very long tunnel. I’m so proud of Nik for being brave, of Bella for proving that she is worthy of high praise in her role as Biggest Sister & us for sticking together with a plan and taking our Ladies’ best interests to heart. This coming weekend? We celebrate. Nothing in particular, we’re just going to celebrate US.

Tell me your weekly story! Anything cool/exciting/lame/scary/gross/unexpected to share?


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