A Week In Pictures: ver 5

I’m happy to report almost nothing of substance happened this week! Woot!

Just a hum-drum week of getting our shit together and taking a breather before the rush of what becomes of October in our house happens. This year, we’re throwing our first kids-only birthday party for miss Bella: Social Butterfly. Can I just tell you how difficult it was to come up with a list of *only* her closest friends?? No honey, the entire class cannot fit in our house. Please honey, stop inviting everyone from the bus. No, I have made only enough invitations for one.more.person- no more!

As well, my mother turns 50 the day after Isabella’s actual 6th birthday. So, naturally we had to make a big deal of it. There will be a dinner, there will be stories, there will be decor and laughter in celebration of one of the greatest women this planet has ever witnessed. I’ll wax more poetic about my mother later this week, not to worry:)

I start my weekly recaps on Saturdays (remember? cause they’re rockin awesome?) but this particular Saturday got a little heavy in the morning. October 15th is Babyloss Awareness Day. A temporarily shattering moment of my life all but forgotten until this time of year rolls around…which, oddly enough, would have been the approximate due date of the child that was never to be for me. And so…I light a candle every year, mourn a little for the loss and allow the grief to pour over me…and then I smile and blow it out. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


And now, on with the fun! the excitement! the oh-sweet-jeebus-I-have-almost-nothing-to-show-for-this-gloriously-boring-week!

Saturday morning cinnamon buns FOR THE WIN!……….these two troublemakers got to entertain themselves with a recycle bin for the morning. Only the best for my lovelies……….can you BELIEVE these zomg-cutest-boots-EVAR were mine for a mere $8.00?!?? Thrifting is the stuff of dreams sometimes…………

pink tights are fun tights………………this littlest Lady was sound asleep when I picked her up to transfer to her crib. She patted me on the back after she laid her head down. I wanted time to stand still at that very moment. I could have melted from the heat in my stomach for how in love I was with her right then……….I have a cookie problem……..

We painted pictures for the hallway/ kitchen/ bedroom/ wherever-the-hell-I-decide-to-finally-hang-them………….and we had a blast, and no one’s clothes were ruined thanks to a smart Mommy…………snuggles with two of three, while the oldest enjoyed a night out with Dad for being the subject of a very flattering letter from her teacher.

and then I drank.




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