Office Fashion Show

Yes, another fashion post. Gedovahyaself. Or click, click away. It’ll allllll be over soon. Plus, you’re in MY house- remember?

TWO POST DAY! wooot woooooooooooooot!

Today I’m linking up with Krista over at Liberating Working Moms talking about Working With Style…basically: how do you dress for work? how do it throw it all together & juggle everything else?

A year in to this working full time gig and I barely have my shit together, I admit. I also admit that I am NOT a morning person. My husband? A godsend. Or our children would never get a bite to eat or a stitch of clothing on in the mornings & would surely always be late for the bus. I just cannot get up in the morning, and when I do, I miserably trudge to the bathroom where I hole myself up in there with my curling iron, toothbrush and various tools in my makeup arsenal until I can emerge a normal human being without a stink-eye for the planet at large.

I average about 3/5 days a week of getting my clothes set out the night before, and I almost never accessorize until the last minute. My office dress code is business casual and most of the time (like the rest of my life…BOOM!) I take it a little over the top.

I am the first person people see when they walk in the door, I think it’s important to put out a good impression. Now…some days are better than others, some days my 3-day-old hair is pushed into a ponytail-stretchyband combo and I’m begging everyone to please ignore that fucking zit on my chin AGAIN. But since I’ve recently rediscovered my style after babies, I’m kind of having fun with it.

sundress, thrifted belt, grey cardy, thrifted bauble necklaces (not pictured: blk leggings and boots)

I don’t do a ton of dresses, but when I do I usually can’t pull them off alone- they need a belt, a cardigan, a kicky heel. And since my coworker and I fiddle with the heat vs cool ration in the office all day long, I never know if I’m going to be cold. And cold= cranky. For me? Sweaters are key- they go on and off as the temperature changes and as I get busier. Also handy for when I inevitably spill lunch on myself and need to hide my incompetence.

This particular day my hair was quite unruly, so I aimed for distraction:)

black dress, oatmeal sweater, PINK tights, black boots

I fricken love these tights. Like…I think of ways to wear them every day. But then I’d look like a lunatic (save your funny-ha-ha jokes of me looking like a lunatic ALREADY.) I try to aim for something interesting in an outfit. But that’s because I’m some kind of attention whore who needs affirmation. (Yes, I just said that out loud. The truth will set you free!)

This got a few compliments & a few stares. Mostly stares at the grocery store on my lunch. Jealousy, obviously.

brown slacks, brown blazer, gold shirt, cream scarf, thrifted necklaces, maroon boots

Kso…let’s just be honest. The scarf on this outfit, while adorable, was a must. I only noticed much too late that my black bra was clearly visible through this shirt. But it’s super-cute and I had set everything out the night before & kind of loved the get up. Then when we got in the car and my husband mentioned how nice my cleavage looked that I realized there was more than one reason for the scarf:)

I also just noticed the look on my face in this picture gives the impression I wasn’t happy with my day. That look would be completely accurate. Ahem.

In general, I don’t have any “rules”. That’s probably why I’m terrible at setting things out the night before. I kind of have a theme for the day based on how I feel in the morning. A good outfit can compliment that. Today at work? Jeans day. These make me happy because I can look a little edgier- what YOUR jeans don’t make you edgier? Get better jeans.

Jeans day! Fun scarf, striped sweater, messy hair kinda-on-purpose-sorta. (not pictured: rockin awesome blue boots)

My make up and hair routines could certainly use some work…these are things I’m striving for. My hair sucks right now cause I’m still not sure whether I’m growing my hair out or cutting it short. But right now? This growing it out business is starting to turn my look toward the cracked-out-hippie-grandma look and I’m not a fan. And makeup? Well if I could possibly find some way to stop the adolescent plague of blemishes all over my face, then maybe I’d give more of a shit, mmmkay? K. Moving on……

I’m glad my job cares what I wear, cause then it means that I care. And while I adore my t-shirts and sweats on Saturday afternoons, I must admit it makes me feel better when I look cuter. And I believe self-confidence is catchy.

Thanks for the idea ladies! It kept me pretty interested in my outfit choices this week:)


9 thoughts on “Office Fashion Show

  1. Great post! It is totally casual at my work (unless a corporate visitor is coming). So it is really hard to get myself more put together. Today, jeans, a tee and a hoodie. It also really doesn’t help that I have no style, seems like a joke, but not really. Also, the budget is rough for new clothes right now.
    Anywho, enough wah wah wah poor me. Watching all you ladies link up may just give me the push I need! Happy Friday!

  2. I love your scarves! The third outfit (with the cleavage-hiding scarf) is my favorite, but all of your outfits were so cute. I like what you said about dressing based on the mood you’re in. I think I pretty much do the same thing!

  3. Oh my gosh! You are the cutest dresser ever. Seriously, come dress me and bring your clothes! I really need a good pair of boots and some cute scarves…

  4. I really, really love that black & white dress/cami combo!! And, well, you know by my outfit choice from yesterday I love your pink scarf and sweater! :) You? Are adorable.

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