Face: A Paper Mama Photo Challenge

My first ever The Paper Mama photo challenge!

This week’s theme seemed right up my alley: I gotta lotta Faces around this house!

So, as if I need to break the rules on my very first try: THREE faces!

Today, at breakfast? This one rattled off a sentence in French and then stared at me. As I stared at her. Then she laughed hysterically when she realized I had NO FREAKING IDEA what she said. Then she translated…and I realized I was glimpsing into a future where I am doomed. ::runs to get French lessons::

Oh this one? She can count to 13 en francais. Who knew? Not I, my friend. In school a grand total of 14 days. ::beams with pride::

This one. As pictured, was full of sass today. She does the fricken cutest thing in the world lately. Everyone does the patty-cake to a baby, and she has caught on….and put her own spin on it. We roooooolllll it (and twist our arms around), we paaaaaaaaaaaat it (and clap our hands) and then we…wait for it…waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash it (and we rub our hands and arms together)! My little germ-killing machine!

Thanks for the challenge, Chelsey!
The Paper Mama


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