Office Fashion Show

I blame Pinterest.

When I walked in to Value Village the other day and saw these leg warmers and these boots- I had to have them. HAD TO. I mean, come oooooooon! Leg warmers?

Stylin. Profilin.

And I really did try to find some skinny jeans to wear instead of these tights, but man that’s tough work. I’ve been looking (not hard, mind you, but keeping my eye out) for a nice pair of skinnies for MONTHS and nothing seems to work on me. Big skater thighs, no hips, no butt, short legs. These are not good stats for pant buying, let me assure you. So, alas I present to you, one of the only outfits I remembered to take a picture of this week.


Yellow cardy, grey sweater dress, blue tights, blue boots, leg warmers. Fun!

I’m not often this casual at work, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this new combo I snagged. It was completely comfortable and pretty cute. Win!
linking up with Liberating Working Moms again. Thanks ladies!


4 thoughts on “Office Fashion Show

  1. Love the yellow sweater. Love. I need more yellow in my life. And I blame a lot of my choices these days on Pinterest. Most turn out pretty good ;). I dig your comfy outfit. Some fall days just need to be full of comfort. Thanks again for linking up!

  2. I’m with Brandy … I would love to wear yellow, but it just DOES NOT look right on me with my skin tone. You are rocking it, though! I think the leg warmers are cute. It rarely gets cold enough here (Alabama) for me to attempt something like that.

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