Office Fashion Show. The One With The Toilet.

Kso, I’m gonna start this off with a confession: see how I’m standing kind of off to the side of a mirror in all my #officefashionshow pictures? That’s cause I’m taking them in the only full-length mirror in my office. Insultingly, the only full length mirror is located in the MENS washroom. Directly in front of (behind?) THIS:

NOT an optical illusion.

I’m kind of on the fence about my outfits this week. Nothing fun or spectacular. Nothing off-the-beaten-path. What I need is some more fun long-sleeve stuff. More frills and fleurs I think. My husband will be thrilled.

Sweater dress hitched up to a shirt. What?

Know what, JAMIE? I totally wore these brown pants two days in a row. How about them apples?! (them apples actually tasted good since I saved doing laundry AND putting them away. I just threw them on top of a pile of clothes on the floor and retrieved them next day. Genius.)

Yellow cardy makes a glorious mid-week comeback!

How to wear a white stretchy tank at the office? Cover with bright cardy, top with fun necklace…distract, distract, distract.

Dress down day, pumped up with a cute scarf & a fun brooch

Is it a broach? Or a brooch?

And who the fuck cares?

So there you have it…THE most uninspiring outfits to date. Sooorreh.

Blame it on this guy:


Linking up with Jess over at Liberating Working Moms today. Do your own link up! Remember to link your post URL and then tweet with me:

I just linked up with @jessesco over on @LiberatingWM to show off my #WorkingWithStyle outfit. Come check it out!


11 thoughts on “Office Fashion Show. The One With The Toilet.

  1. Ok, well, it may be nothing fancy, but I kind of love them all. And, side note/question? Why the hell is the only full length mirror in the men’s room? Like dudes even care…

    • Like seriously. And it’s WAY cuter than our ugly green-and-diamond-pattern tiles in the women’s bathroom. If it wasn’t for that fricken urinal I’d have switched the signs on the outside awhile ago!

  2. I am laughing away at my desk as I envision you in the mens room angling yourself JUST SO, allowing us to see the urinal.

    Also, I am going to stalk you for your yellow cardi because I NEED one, and cannot find one here for under $85 and refuse to pay that for it ugh.

    And for the record, I don’t find your outfits too drab or plain at all!

    • Well thank you…I appreciate your appreciation for the skillz it took to get this shot. And all subsequent “hide-yo-toilet” shots before this.
      And the cardigan? Value Village. 8 bucks.

      I know!!

  3. I love this. I think I’ll get in on this action this week! I am all about the disguising tanks and otherwise plain tees with awesome cardigans and sweaters. I’m with you on the brooch broach thing. I have no fucking clue.

  4. I love your humor! And you look fabulous. And, that yellow cardigan…where did you get it? I’m looking for more yellow :)

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