The One-Car Family

Yep, that’s us. We’re a one-car family. We juggle the lives of five with one set of wheels.

The decision to have one car is financially-based. We can’t afford two car payments, two sets of repairs, double the gas and an increased insurance rate. And, we figured out early on that having a vehicle available to us meant we would find reasons to go out with it- meaning we spent money we didn’t need to.

It complicates a lot of things, who needs the vehicle when and how the rest of us will get around. But it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. We have a lot of luxuries going for us: a nanny that comes to our house to babysit, family that does the same, jobs just down the street from each other and daytime work hours.

However…my husband works in retail. Christmas is coming. These two things together, strike fear into the heart of this one car family. Dad works long hours, the days are short, the weather is cold, us ladies are restless. Grocery shopping has to happen on Dad’s rare day off, with at least one (sometimes two ::shudder::) kid in tow. Christmas gifts are meticulously planned and bought in sporadic runs during Mom’s lunch hour…if I have the van…and if Dad is working late? Everyone gets to bundle up at 8:45pm, pile in the van (Dexter included) and go fetch Dad from the store. It’s my least favourite thing. Like…almost ever.

We are that icky-sweet family that prefers to be together when we’re…well, together. On Sundays that both Mom & Dad have off work, for the most part we do things as a family. If we’re going somewhere? It’s all five of us piling in the van and taking off. We realize this may change the older the Ladies get, the more we pile on our plates with sports and new demands on our time. But for now, we haven’t noticed enough of a problem to seriously warrant another vehicle. And what would we even get? Ain’t no way we’re fitting in a car…and ain’t no way the gas for a truck is fitting into my budget. ::side eye, Ryan::

It would be nice to be able to run out and do something with a car while Ryan still has full access to the van & car seats. But at this particular point in our lives, those times where we think a second set of wheels would lighten our load? We’re fortunate enough that they are few and far between. I can see us growing tired of it if work hours start to change, because it’s just so easy now to drop Ryan off and continue on my way to work- then clock out and swing by to pick him up 10mins later. Dream world, I know this. It’s not lost on us.

For as long as she lasts us, we’ll continue to love our SUVan (<- husband had issues with being a van-man. I think those have subsided. I think.) And when the time comes that we can afford another vehicle (ha. hahahahahahahaha. ha) well…I kind of feel weird about that. Oddly, morose. I don’t really like the idea of us being so easy to separate. “Here you take this kid, I’ll take these ones, meet you there” kinda deal…it makes me sad. Then again, we may hit the attitude train like whoa one of these days soon, and that second silent ride alone may become a bargaining chip. Until then- EVERYBODY, pile in!


2 thoughts on “The One-Car Family

  1. Being a 1 car family isn’t an option for us since my hubs works 45 minutes away and has to leave for work at 6:30 AM and normally doesn’t get home until 6:30 PM or later. BUt, you know, our whole thing is “go big or go home” so not only do we each have a car…we have 7 cars! Yes…SEVEN! Now, for the record, we have zero car payments…unless you count the tractor, I suppose. But, if you ask my husband, every single one of them has a specific purpose. Even I roll my eyes at us! ; )

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