Office Fashion Show: now with significantly less shame!

I give the people what they want: more urinal.

This week I grew frustrated with my pants choices. It’s getting colder (duh, Canadian!) and I, unlike my fellow Canuck Brandee, don’t have many stylish legwear choices for my array of summertime skirts. Le sigh.

What I do have? BOOTS! So I put on some lame-o gramma knee highs (yes, I own several pair. It would probably shock you how much I actually wear them. Like…a lot.) Blue and white and fun. However? This hairdo was kind of stupid now that I look at it.

Another secret, sans shame? This awesome green sweater: maternity wear. I have at least 4 pieces of maternity clothing still in regular rotation in my wardrobe. Not ashamed a bit, that sweater rocks my socks off. I bought it used (8 bucks. Boom.) so it’s likely been washed no less than 12 billion times, and not a pill on the thing. Winning isn’t always this easy, folks.

This purple goodness? 25 cents. From a trade show. Purchased from a man so obviously selling his dead mother’s clothing on the cheap. I love it. I love it even more that it cost less than 12 minutes on a parking meter. (<- what the shit is that about, anyway. Who makes these rules?)

Ooo…my fave. Granny skirt (which I didn’t know had pockets until a few weeks ago) and my first ever top bun. Which isn’t so much on the top of my head as the very back corner, but give us fine-haired ladies a break, would ya?

PS- is it frowned upon to not wear tights to work? I’m asking for a friend.

I'm a shameless attention-whore. What do we think of my new specs?

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9 thoughts on “Office Fashion Show: now with significantly less shame!

  1. Ok you win, you’re the cutest thing on the internet. I can stop trying now ;)

    Love the new specs, the top bun, the granny skirt and the $0.25 clothing….and you know, MORE URINAL.

  2. I dug the top bun and the outfit that accompanied said hair day. Très cute! In other news, I totally go sans tights to work…although what do I know? lol
    – Zoë

    • Hah- I’ve got you fooled! See…it IS just pulling random shit from my closet, in the DARK no less and then presenting it in a funky little package to you as: fashion.
      I’m basically fooling myself over here, but I’m glad to take you on this jaunty little road with me:) LOL

  3. Love the glasses! I think of mine as an accessory…and your new accessory is lovely :). And seriously, love your wit. We’d love a guest post from you ;)

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