Office Fashion Show: so awful it’s awesome

I vowed last week to get some new long sleeve stuff to work with the colder temps we got kickin around these here parts. And with 1.5 hours of KID FREE TIME this past weekend I did just that. I got myself 2 new pairs of pants, 4 new sweaters & a pair of peep-toe red heels for…drumroll please…$42 with taxes. Then I sat around my livingroom pantsless on Saturday night, and hemmed by new pants (I’m 5’2″, there is ALWAYS hemming to be done). You can thank me for that visual later;)

I’m kicking myself that you can’t see the shoes in this shot. Seriously, they are adorable. My feet, however? Notsomuch adorable. Eww. No close up for you.

(good lord I’m in love with this yellow cardigan, eh? What is this, the fourth time we’ve seen it? I need an intervention.)

One of my new sweaters, it’s super fun and thin enough to wear under a blazer or something. I only own one blazer though…this is a disgrace. I found a cute Sarah Jessica Parker one at the thrift shop, but it was $20 and I’m nothing if not a cheap-ass and just couldn’t bring myself to pay it.

This outfit was so fun! We rarely have clients come in to the office (which begs the question: why on earth do I bother to get so dressed up for like the 8 coworkers I have? I’m generous. And? An attention-whore.) but on this particular day an older asian lady came in and went I came around the desk, she pats me on the shoulder and says, “Oh, to be young again. This is completely adorable.” It made my freaking day, no lie! And I was having a great hair day. I may have marked it on the calendar.

(I did.)

Kind of cute, no? What this picture doesn’t tell you is that flowy taupe shirt is literally a gramma shirt. It’s probably 2 sizes too big for me and once had shoulder pads. I put it back twice before I finally just bit the $5 bullet. This episode demonstrated to me just how many times in my lifetime I say to myself: “It’s so awful that it’s awesome.” I think I have a problem.

Come link up with Katherine over at Liberating Working Moms and show us your style. Please, I’d like to copy it…err…be inspired by it. Kthxbai.

Oh and? I want to follow you on twitter. I really do. Tweet me, baby! Then tweet THIS:

I just linked up with @lilmissyrsmama over on @LiberatingWM to show off #WorkingWithStyle this week! Come check it out!


6 thoughts on “Office Fashion Show: so awful it’s awesome

  1. I freaking LOVE you! You look cute in all of them. And I agree with your client, that is adorable. :) It IS so weird how parallel our lives are…we rarely have anyone out to the barn and there’s like 6 of us in our office. The only major difference is we only have one bathroom and there’s no urinal and no mirrors. :)

  2. I love all of your outfits, even the Gramma shirt! And I love that you hem your pants. I need to learn. The Asian lady story is hilarious, and it totally would’ve made my day, too!

  3. Definitely the tights/dress combo is my fave, but I am JEALOUS of that striped sweater! I looked for a thin long-sleeved sweater for AN HOUR today – to no avail.
    Perhaps I too need to hit the thrift store. I bet you have said something that I say often & my husband doesn’t get — “I like it, but I don’t like it five dollars.”

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