A Week In Pictures, ver 7

Apologies for the long lag between Week in Pictures posts. I have no good excuse other than…well…life & such.

This past week was certainly eventful. Half of it was spent as a house full of Ladies (+ one boy dog & one boy cat) and while I would love to say stuff like “I super pink puffy hearted being all alone with my daughters! Squeee!” the honest to goodness truth is that it was stressful and hard and I did not enjoy myself. Save for Tuesday night when I chucked every last rule out the window and we went and played in the park at night down by the river, hung out at my friend’s place til way after bedtime and stuffed ourselves full of candy and cider along the way. That? Was lovely and all kinds of redeeming. And I should do it more often.

In the midst of all the noise and chaos that was this past week, we had moments of glory and love and giggles…come see…

…these Ladies are often snuggly and cute, here is photographic evidence……..did you know this (above) is what your bathroom faucet looks like when it’s broken? I didn’t either. I also didn’t know that it would stress me the fuck right out………..I think it stressed the Ladies out too……..

…..purple chocolate chip pancakes save the day!………….Mommy plays while her babies play too………..this photo may make it look like it’s slow and peaceful around here. Calm before the storm folks, calm before the storm……….

….parent-teacher interview with Bella’s teacher went shockingly good. Did you know my 6-yr-old can read an entire book in French? Neither did I. We knew she was a good student, but Ryan & I walked out of there with heads held so high, she’s doing so so good! (Photo is of oldest sister shutting middle sister in a locker. Uh huh.)………here’s me, giving morning the side-eye…………and here’s the dinner I made that was awesome and I’m bragging and that’s right………..

And here’s a shot of the hug parade that happened at my house on Friday morning. Trust me, it was slightly more adorable in person. Ok, wildly more adorable. Life with Ladies is sickeningly sweet sometimes:)


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