Shameless Bragging

My kid can read.

But wait there’s more.

My kid can read in two languages.

I believe this to be the most astounding moment of my parenthood to date.

Isabella sat in front of us two weeks ago at her parent-teacher interview and read an entire book in french barely stopping for help from her teacher. And last night? She read an entire book to us in English, again barely pausing for assistance. I wanted to weep. I literally wanted to weep with that kind of joy and pride that starts as a hot ember in your belly and fills your chest and throat with flames until your eyes are teaming with tears and your smile is so wide you’re sure your cheeks will burst.

There was clapping, and kisses, and professions of pride in my livingroom last night. Ryan and I commented how far she has come in these two months of all-day-every-day school. She is just thriving there…loves every minute of it, drinks it all in and is LEARNING. The girl is really, truly learning. That book she read to us in English tonight? She also translated parts of it back to French too. Jaw? Meet floor.

And she’s rubbing off on her little sister in a most impressive way. Annika started off the school year on shaky ground. And that’s putting it mildly. There was a point where I seriously considered pulling her out of school and bringing putting her in next year. I’m so glad I ignored myself. She has friends, she adjusted seamlessly when her teacher (whom she was quite attached to) had to take a leave of absence recently, she has done a complete 180 from the standoffish student she was at the beginning of the year. We hear her singing in French, she writes her letters with a precision that rivals most teenagers and she’s excited to get to go to school. People? The girl who shook from fear when I walked through the entrance with her a mere seven weeks ago IS EXCITED TO GET TO GO TO SCHOOL!!

My heart. My heart is as still as it is full. Please allow me my moment of brag about my kids because oh sweet mother of mercy this is exactly the feeling they’re talking about when they say: “but it’s all worth it.”


3 thoughts on “Shameless Bragging

  1. Of course she’s super intelligent! Have you met her Grandpa & Nanna?
    And may I just add that all the little Higgison Ladies are supremely intelligent
    and beautiful.

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