I did.

<insert shocked face here>

I know.


4 thoughts on “I did.

    • You just WAIT Katie! You wait til that little lady is whining up a DAMN STORM in December and you would give your left arm to make her behave.
      LMAO! Times that by three…the revolt in my house is STRONG right now, so I had to give in. I hear this guy works.
      Please cross all crossables he doesn’t kill me in my sleep. Cause I’m totally thinking he will. Totally.

      • Hahaha! Oh my gosh. God, I hope I have at least 3 years until I have to buy a damn elf! Revolt shouldn’t be legal before age 3. (and all of the experienced mothers are pointing and laughing at me. First time moms are so adorable and naive)

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