THIS Working Mom’s Resolutions

I’ve already told you my New Years Resolution. But then I read this post on Liberating Working Moms (which, even if you’re not a working mom, it’s got some seriously great stuff to check out) and I thought I could probably be a little more specific when it comes to the day to day runnings of my house. Everything revolves around scheduling, it does in your house too I’ll bet. With two working parents, it’s our work schedules + the older Ladies’ school schedules that dictate…well…everything. Let’s face it, we’re slaves to the clock. Following in the footsteps of my personal resolution post, if I want to MAKE more time, I have to SPEND mine better.

So, in light of this…

1- I want to spend some kind of alone time with one Lady per night. Even if it’s 10 minutes with a book or 30 minutes chatting about robots.

2- Get lunches made the night before. This would free up so much time in the morning. If I’m totally honest, Ryan does 99% of the packing of the lunches…because I’m busy covering up zits on my face and straightening my hair. Priorities which I don’t plan to do away with, but which I’d probably feel less douchey about if Ryan wasn’t emptying the dishwasher, feeding the Ladies breakfast, getting coffee ready AND making lunches.

3- More snacks at work. I’m not even kidding. I snack, so I don’t really need to eat a huge lunch. If I’m rushed in the morning, I’m more tempted to run & grab something at a fast food place just because I think I need to eat on lunch. If I’ve been eating all day (which, seriously…you can’t even imagine how quickly I’ve learned to chew & swallow when the phone rings) then there’s no need to waste the dollars I don’t have on the shitty food I don’t need.

4- Walk the damn dog. I say this all the time. And it’s shitty & terrible to admit that Dexter doesn’t get nearly the amount of exercise he needs. This one is a priority.


So what are some tips you have for me?

How can I make these things work without feeling like I’m ticking off a damn list every night? I don’t want to live like a robot, trained to do tasks at varying intervals to ensure success. I like the waxes and wanes our life takes, but it has some seriously stressful moments that I’d like to have less of.

Link up with us, over at Liberating Working Moms. It’ll be like a cookie exchange without the caloric intake: you take some of my ideas, I nibble off a piece of yours. Yes? Yes.


7 thoughts on “THIS Working Mom’s Resolutions

  1. I think you’ll develop habits, and they’ll flow rather than feel robotic. Like making lunches at night. It’ll just be something you get used to. Someone once told me if you do something for 30 days, it sticks with you… so my advice? Deal with the robotic for 30 days and see where you are! I should’ve included walking the damn dog in my resolutions! My pooch doesn’t get as much attention now that my little guy’s crawling around and she deserves attention, too! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. I think that doing things the night before definitely helps. And I think that once it becomes a routine, it won’t feel robotic any more.

  3. I do plan outfits for myself and daughter (my son and DH are on thier own) each night before bed, it makes it a little faster in the mornigns. I just have not been able to get the lunches packed the night before. Sometimes I just want to sit and do NOTHING, if I try to do everything before bed I won’t have ANY downtime.

  4. I love that your dog made your list too. I felt like a butthead having to make it a resolution to be nicer to my dog. :) I think your ladies will totally respond to their individual time. You will probably have so much fun that you won’t be thinking about being a robot. Here’s to 2012! (Or, as my lady says, “cheers!”)

  5. I am SO thankful I don’t have to mess w/ getting a lunch ready for Rylee…it’s hard enough to remember my OWN lunch and 90% of the time that’s just grabbing leftovers out of the fridge! And I love your resolution about spending one-on-one time with your girls…I bed they will love that.

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