Mae shows off her skillz

My youngest Lady? She’s a chatterbox. It almost never stops. She picks up words from her sisters, from us, from the TV and repeats them over and over and over again. Most of the time she gets it right. Some of the time? It sounds so utterly ridiculous that we laugh hysterically…thereby encouraging her to act a fool. It’s a wonderfully vicious cycle and one we all encourage.

Thing is, kid’s like a goddamn sasquatch- ya can’t get her to do it on camera to save your life. Before this video here? Eight solid minutes of her climbing in and out of a toy box head first and then clapping for herself. My life. It’s glamorous, folks.

Without further adieu, I give you: Maelle Opale Higgison in her vlog debut. It’s a beaut…

*disclaimers: yes, she has a bruise on her cheek & what appears to be a red eye. bruise is from aforementioned toybox jumping earlier this week, red eye is from falling up the stairs. up. she’s wicked talented. *also: I would like you to note how many times she says “hah?” to me. the number of times in this video is insufficient evidence of how many times a damn day I hear it. none of us know where she picked it up, it’s supremely annoying and I wish she would stop. Maelle cannot be stopped at…anything. Sigh.


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