Working With Style: I’m all over the place here

I am growing le tired of the cold temperatures. Now, I should slap even myself for that statement since it’s been unseasonably warm here so far this winter. Like…it just snowed in any real form for the first time LAST NIGHT. This is Windsor. We’re in Canada. In January. With our first snow. Whaaa??!

But still. I stare at my closet every morning and the same series of thoughts runs through my head: “You need coffee. That shirt is super cute, and you’ve never tried it with that skirt and necklace…oh…but…you’d have to wear that fuckin cardigan over it again. Could you pull off short sleeves today? Maybe no one would mind if you turned up the thermostat. Maybe you could wear a scarf? You idiot…a scarf doesn’t cover your damn arms…you need coffee…” This. Over and over again like Groundhog Day every morning anymore.

So, since I value warmth over cuteness (sighhhh…) I end up trudging through another sweater, another cardigan, another long sleeve shirt. Blech. And speaking of blech?

These #urinaledition shots are starting to be hazardous to my health

Boys are…gross.

At least this day I had cute accessories. I need some new ones. Much like THIS:

I gots a feather

So I think a need a wardrobe revival. Good thing I have a top-secret way to get that done this weekend without spending a penny. It involves garbage bags & champagne & underwear and I’ve already said too much…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway…I did throw together one outfit this week that I declared a sure-fire winner. And then Ryan told me I looked “yummy” which seemed as good as any thumbs-up I’ve ever gotten:)


Also. Also?? I remembered to put on lipstick four times this week. OVERACHIEVER.

Come on and link up with us over at Liberating Working Moms! And since everyone loves a good party, join us at the hashtag #WorkingWithStyle on Twitter.


One thought on “Working With Style: I’m all over the place here

  1. Love the feather! I was totally going to get one until day one of this school year and realized all the middle school girls had them. I didn’t want to be “THAT” teacher. Oh I wish I had gotten it before day one b/c then I’d be “THAT COOL” teacher. Any who, thanks again for linking up. And I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us ;)

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