The Evolution of Family Game Night

I had the genius idea this year of trying board games with the girls for the first time. Why never before this? My Ladies have attention-span issues. By which I mean their attention-spans are missing. Almost entirely. And when somewhat forced into sitting and paying attention and obeying absolute rules well…let’s say things start on a wicked tailspin which usually ends up in an argument and tears of some kind. Hardly the family bonding experience shown on TV, right? I chalked it up to their young ages & cried into my Cheerios that we would never be as perfect as other families.

Just kidding…I don’t eat Cheerios.

Candyland went swimmingly well. Once Annika understood that the tolerance of her blatant cheating was pretty slim, we flew through a few games of that without incident. Woot! Definitely recommend for the 4-6yrs age group. It’s quick, it’s pretty straight forward, there’s no reading & no strategy needed. Hell, it’s perfect for me after a long workday. Here comes the disclaimer: any younger than 4? Certain disaster. Maelle was all over the fucking place. And I mean that literally. Homegirl was walking the Candyland board to the shrieking ‘NOOOOOOOOs’ of her sisters. So when we decided one night to graduate the older girls to The Game of Life (my favourite), the only stipulation was that Mae had to exit the premises.

goodnight, Fun Governor

And then it was down to some serious business. We let the Ladies each choose a car colour, and if you’ve ever been a girl (weird…) you’ll understand this is no easy task. Both our Ladies chose to go to college, which we were extremely proud of until we noticed that each of them separately landed on the Spring Break: $5000 square. Cue Daddy side-eyes and plans for, once again, placing all Higgison offspring in a bubble.

It’s an interesting lesson to watch your kids pause when you ask them, whether when stopped at the church to get married, if they’d rather have a boy or girl to join them in their car. We make them name their life partners and talk a little about the wedding. They’re girls, this is possibly the most enjoyable part of the game. And I’ll  be able to tell them they’ve been planning their weddings since 2012.

We take out some portions of the game. There are no stocks, everyone just chooses one career card, one salary card and one house. No one pays for their house…it’s like a fuckin utopia over here. I’m always incredibly impressed to see them count and add and subtract their money when it comes time to pay for things like car repairs and a baby nursery.

There are a lot of discussions about perfection and dreams and babies and taxes and some of it flies right over their heads and some of it gives them pause and produces the coolest answers. I was pleasantly surprised by the way they seemed pretty genuinely engaged by the different tiles they got to land on. When given the choice, we always chose babies…every time. Even Daddy. And in this particular game, each one of us had a baby boy in our car- the quintessential fantasy life for this family:)

I declare Family Game Night as a complete & total success. Even if that means that we had to let Annika speed through the last half of her life because she just could not be bothered to pay attention and spin. And even if that meant Bella was bent out of shape that Daddy retired before her and got 100K…we were able to ensure her that the chances of that happening in real life were slim to likely none. Don’t worry, that lifted no one’s spirits. I really can’t even recall who had the most money or the nicest house or the best job. But then…that’s kind of the point really, right? Who even cares?


Working With Style: I’m all over the place here

I am growing le tired of the cold temperatures. Now, I should slap even myself for that statement since it’s been unseasonably warm here so far this winter. Like…it just snowed in any real form for the first time LAST NIGHT. This is Windsor. We’re in Canada. In January. With our first snow. Whaaa??!

But still. I stare at my closet every morning and the same series of thoughts runs through my head: “You need coffee. That shirt is super cute, and you’ve never tried it with that skirt and necklace…oh…but…you’d have to wear that fuckin cardigan over it again. Could you pull off short sleeves today? Maybe no one would mind if you turned up the thermostat. Maybe you could wear a scarf? You idiot…a scarf doesn’t cover your damn arms…you need coffee…” This. Over and over again like Groundhog Day every morning anymore.

So, since I value warmth over cuteness (sighhhh…) I end up trudging through another sweater, another cardigan, another long sleeve shirt. Blech. And speaking of blech?

These #urinaledition shots are starting to be hazardous to my health

Boys are…gross.

At least this day I had cute accessories. I need some new ones. Much like THIS:

I gots a feather

So I think a need a wardrobe revival. Good thing I have a top-secret way to get that done this weekend without spending a penny. It involves garbage bags & champagne & underwear and I’ve already said too much…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway…I did throw together one outfit this week that I declared a sure-fire winner. And then Ryan told me I looked “yummy” which seemed as good as any thumbs-up I’ve ever gotten:)


Also. Also?? I remembered to put on lipstick four times this week. OVERACHIEVER.

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Working With Style: All human-like and junk

Duckface. And do I have a wonky eye here?

Look, please bear witness to the lips! THE LIPS! They are bathed in colour! COLOUR, I SAY!

This is excitement at its finest, folks. Because that girl in the photo to your left? She’s never worn lipstick before. <close your mouth>

I used to read Cosmo magazines by the dozens <close your mouth> and they all made it seem like guys liked low-maintenance girls. Two pages over, the quiz pinned low-maintenance girls as those that wear chapstick only and never ever lip liner. Plus, I drink a lot of water and am kind of incredibly lazy and don’t want to reapply lipstick over & over. So, chapstick was my best friend. I had the best moisturized lips on my university campus and was none the wiser that I looked almost identical to a ghost sitting in my economics class completely motherhumping clueless.

Fast forward a few years (10. when did THAT happen?) and I have a big girl desk job which requires me to look respectable. It turns out that I actually like to look respectable, I like to dress up, I like to sometimes do my hair nice, I like to experiment with makeup. Thanks to a series of #officefashionshow Instagram photos, I realized that I look completely ridiculous with no lipstick on. I am whiter than white and have very light eyebrows. I’m pretty good with eye make up, but the lower half of my face virtually disappears with my low-maintenance chapstick plan.

Exhibit A. Holy face upgrade, Batman.

See? And this isn’t even the brightest lipstick I own now. And I do own multiple lipsticks now. An amazing feat.

I’m all for low expectations, so it’s my goal to remember to apply lipstick at least three working days every week. So far I’ve been pretty good. I’m still not great at reapplying throughout the day, which I really need to be better at. I do hate when it gets all over my coffee mug, but at least that stops my husband from taking it to work with him, and that would probably happen less if I bought more expensive lipstick. But along with being lazy, I’m also cheap. (form an orderly queue, gentlemen)

And as it turns out? My husband does love a low-maintenance girl. It’s just that my low-maintenance has evolved over the years to become a much more polished version. It may take me 3 extra minutes in the morning to fish the lipstick out of my purse but I think it’s kind of worth it. Agree?

(gratuitous outfit post because I almost never wear this blazer)

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