The Ladies et al

Oh hai! Fancy meeting YOU here! No, no, no…in fact, you’re meeting US here…that’s how this works…just follow along, ok? <flings glitter>

The Ladies

Isabella- 6 yrs

Our first born, the princess and leader of the pack. Emotional and extreme, she is driven by the need to please. A born extrovert, she longs for affirmation. She’s artistic and quietly intelligent. She will read you like a book and remember everything.

Annika- 4 yrs

Middle child, and content to be a satellite. She likes to be around you, but not with you. An early talker, she’s observant and thinks before she acts. Her friendship is hard-earned, but loyal. Quick and witty, she will leave you in stitches with her humour.

Maëlle- 1 year

Our baby girl and the spitting image of her oldest sister. She is a firecracker whose moods are quick to change. She changed all the rules and proves that the sweetest things are the ones least expected. Loud and action-packed, she observes first and acts swiftly. Her smile will melt you.

Ryan & Alicia

Married 6+yrs. He’s a hockey fan and a true patriot. She’s a political junkie and a wee bit on the anxious side. Trying not to let life get too heavy, we’re determined to get through these formative years one step ahead of hormones and mood swings…until they catch up with us and Daddy retreats to the ManCave. Still wildly in love and hoping to inspire our Ladies to crave the same in their future marriages.

You may laugh with us, or at us- we don’t mind either! We’re so glad you stopped by. Stay awhile:)

Talk to Meeeeeeeeee

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